Over the past 20 years, hedgehog numbers have halved due to the increase of pesticides and cars, loss of habitat and many other factors. In the 1950’s, there were 36 million hedgehogs in the U.K, now we are down to our last million. This could mean that they could potentially be extinct in this country in 15 years, if we do nothing.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal so if you see one out in the daytime, then it could possibly be in trouble. If it is a large hedgehog with nesting material in its mouth, it could be Mum just making a nest, but mostly, a hog out in the daytime needs help. So firstly, wrap it in a towel, place in a high-sided cardboard/plastic box with a ramekin dish of water and a bowl of meaty cat/dog food and finally call us for advice once you have the hedgehog contained. Please do not give the hedgehog bread or cow’s milk as it can be extremely dangerous to them.

Hedgehogs go into hibernation when the weather is very cold although they do wake and forage for food if we have milder spells. In order to survive a cold winter, hedgehogs need to weigh at least 600gms by the late autumn. Any that have not reached this weight will need to be taken in and looked after until they have gained sufficient fat reserves.

Any donations of Whiskas meat cat food in jelly, Go-cat meat biscuits, towels, fleeces, cotton wool, cotton buds, microwaveable heat pads, washing up liquid, washing powder, kitchen roll, donated  goods for car boot sales and financial help is all greatly appreciated. Please make any cheques payable to South Devon Hedgehog Sanctuary, Thank you.

For hedgehog advice and treatment, please call 07716 768618 or go to our contact page, click here